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It was a wonderful week as the WTFL’s inaugural season concluded.

The city of Brookings South Dakota and South Dakota State University were amazing host. Womens Tackle Football League would like to thank them for all of their support. In our final week of exciting action. The West Palm Beach Coyotes defeated the Michigan Queens to win the 8-woman championship. The Wasatch Warriors defeated the Idaho Valkyries to win the inaugural 11 woman Legacy Bowl. The WTFL would like to thank all of its teams, players, coaches, fans, partners, and supporters for everything that they did for us during this year. We look forward to an even better season in 2022. God Bless Women’s Football.

With great anticipation and excitement The WTFL will have its inaugural “Legacy Bowl” this weekend in Dana J Dykhouse Stadium on the campus of South Dakota State University.

We are so thankful and proud of our partnership with the university and the great city of Brookings South Dakota. They have been a wonderful partner throughout this entire process. I would like to thank the mayor, city Council, Visit Brookings and South Dakota State University for everything that they have done for our league. I want to also thank the mayor and city Council of the city of Aurora South Dakota. Said WTFL President Terry McGriff. The Dakota Dragons are the home team in the city of Brookings South Dakota. Dragons team president Courtney Jones and her staff have worked tirelessly along with the city to help put on this event.

Starting with the league owners meeting on Friday, July 30th as well as the league banquet later that evening. Events will conclude on Saturday afternoon July 31st starting the day with the 8-woman National Championship. Featuring the Michigan Queens out Detroit Michigan facing the Palm Beach Coyotes from Florida. Followed with the 11-woman National Championship the “Legacy Bowl”. Featuring the Idaho Valkyries out of Boise Idaho facing the Wasatch Warriors out of Salt Lake City Utah.

Conference championships games are set for this weekend.

The Connecticut Reapers will host the Palm Beach in the Eastern Conference 8 player Championship in New Fairfield Connecticut. In the Western Conference 8 player championship. The Michigan Queens will host the Minnesota Pride in Detroit Michigan. We expect both gangs to be very competitive. Congratulations to all four teams and I made it to this point.

Week 4 action in the WTFL had 2 league games and 2 intra league scrimmages.

Our newest league team. The Witchita Tribe opened their season with a surprising win over the good Minnesota Pride team. Final score 35-20. Do you Wasatch Warriors remain undefeated what a strong convincing win against a very tough Oregon Cougars football team. Final score 24-0. The Connecticut Reapers and the Michigan Queens both had scrimmage games against WFA teams. They kept their players active as they prepare for the playoff push. Once again thank you to everyone for your cooperation and great teamwork.

It was another exciting week of Womens Tackle Football League games.

Another week of cooperation between all the teams playing this week’s games.
Minnesota Pride defeated the Detroit Pride by a final score of 35 -0.
The Connecticut Reapers defeated the Michigan Queens by a final score of 27- 19.
North Florida Pumas won in a very close game against the North Carolina Lady Grizzlies with a final score of 6-0.

The W.T.F.L. only had one game scheduled for week 3 of the regular season, as most of the league had the weekend off in observance of Memorial Day.

We only had one game scheduled this weekend.
The Idaho Valkyries won the game with the Oregon Cougars. Final score of 22-0. Once again we had great cooperation, and sportsmanship between both organizations I want to recognize all of our veterans and active service members... Thank you to all the men and women currently serving. Thank you to all of our veterans. Thank you to all our military Families.
A very special Thank you to those who gave their lives in service to this GREAT country!

All the games in week 2 of the WTFL were very competitive, and enjoyable to watch.

Thank you to all of our teams.
This week's results.
Connecticut Reapers 26. Carolina Lady Grizzlies 12.
Michigan Queens 12. Minnesota Pride 6.
Wasatch Warriors 12. Idaho Valkyries 0.

Opening week of the season was a tremendous success. Three games were played

The Palm Beach coyotes won the very first contest of the regular season and the history of the women's tackle football league. The final score was 53-0 over the Fayetteville Lady Grizzlies The lady Grizzlies fought hard to the very end and has a very good future. In the league's very first West Coast game. The Wasatch Warriors defeated the Oregon Cougars with the score of 36 to 0. It was a hard fought contest. The final game of the weekend seem to be the most competitive with the Connecticut Reapers defeating the Michigan Queens. Final score of 26-6.


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