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The Legacy Bowl is set!

The WTFL witness 4 outstanding teams play for the right to be conference champions and a spot in the WTFL Legacy Bowl 3, in beautiful Daytona Beach Florida. WTFL President was quoted. (I want to thank all the players, coaches and staff of all the teams that have played this season. The cooperation of teams was vital in making this season a success). The Virginia Lady Devils held off a very gritty Connecticut Reapers team. It was a scoreless first half. However the Lady Devils capitalized off of some costly Reapers mistakes, and the put together some impressive offensive scoring drives in the 2nd half to win the Eastern Conference Championship. Final score was 22-0. The western conference conference championship was a tremendous game. The Houston Pheonix Fire quickly jumped out in front of A.V. Brickhouse Bricks. It seemed like the Pheonix Fire were going to cruise to an easy victory, when the Bricks began to show the toughness that has made them one the best teams in the WTFL. The lead would change have hands a couple of times, before some untimely injuries to the Phoenix Fire and big plays from the Bricks allowed the Bricks to stay unbeaten at home this season, and win the Western Conference championship. Final score of 24-20. The Virginia Lady Devils and the (Antelope Valley) A.V. Brickhouse Bricks will face off in what is expected to be a very competitive title game. The game will be broadcast nationally on the SVTV network. The pre-game show starts at 5pm. Kickoff time for the Legacy Bowl is 6pm. During this weekend there will also be some historic events happening. Stay tuned for the story coming soon.